Sunday, 1 February 2015

February already

So January has been and gone already!

I've decided to do the 100 happy days thing starting from January 1st. This has helped me to focus on
at least 1 good thing each day. I've also been trying to put together an album of photos to go alongside this... not necessarily to coincide with my day 'happy thing' but something which has made me smile or laugh on those days. From seeing people do it last year, I thought given how pessimistic I can be at times, that it would be a good way to try to change those thoughts and turn them into a more optimistic stance on life. So far so good... I've done it everyday through January! Some days has been harder than others to find something to note down... especially if it's been a quiet day of doing nothing in doors.... but typically the doggies will inevitably do something to make me chuckle, or just to allow me to take stock of how much better things are for me now compared to times before.

So... January: It's been pretty cold, we've seen snow in recent days- not enough to really be worthwhile, but enough to establish that Bella doesn't like it, and Judy still loves to loon around in it! I went back to work following almost 2 weeks off over Christmas- we're now set daily targets which are pretty harsh so we're all feeling a bit more pressure and having far less fun and communication! We've also had an office move around so I now have a new desk next to a window... so I actually have natural light again! Friday just gone saw the end of an era- our longest  serving colleague left to go to another department :( I am now the longest serving member of Patient Access, and although this is good in one way, I just hope it doesn't end up with everything being piled on me!
I've started my AAT level 2 course. Had 4 weeks so far, and got my first exam for the theory unit shortly. This is a little scary on one hand as it's the first proper exam I'll have sat since age 18, however I've done several online mocks, as well as ones in class and I've passed all done so far. :) The practical side of the bookkeeping unit has taken a bit more to get my head around but I think I'm grasping things a little better now. I just really hope that something comes out of this course with regard to my career- I don't want to be stuck in Patient Access for the rest of my working life! 

I've been up to clinic for my first transplant review of the year. Overall, all is still going well. My nebs have been stopped completely now, only to have them as a standby in case I get a cold or other bug- they will be my first port of call at any signs of feeling unwell! I've had a horrid and annoying dry cough for the better part of 6 weeks, initially I thought it was either a coldy bug, or response to coming off the nebs... however when I raised this with the specialist nurse she said it was a common side effect to the tablet I was started on in December, so I got that changed to a different one, and hopefully one day soon I will be cough free again. IT is very odd how much me coughing now disturbs people! When I was coughing almost constantly, with huge coughing fits and bringing up loads of gunk, I was very rarely questioned if I was ok... now a slightly throaty cough and I'm being grilled about how I feel, am I looking after myself enough, do I need medicine/tablets etc... the cough is even annoying me! However did I cope before?!!

Next month I have my lungiversary- already got a party planned for the weekend, and then Glen and I are going out for the day to celebrate. I'm working myself up to writing a letter to my donor's family
but it's such a difficult thing to actually put into words!
Glen and I are also off to Glasgow for a few days... my first plane trip with these lungs. I'm hoping that the short flight either way will go without a hitch ready for next clinic to be given the ok to fly longhaul... will have to wait and see!!

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