Bucket List

So everyone has things they'd like to do someday... I'd figure I'd get mine down so that I have things to work towards, whether it be sometime soon, or way off down the line. I'll add and edit as things happen :)

  • Go to Walt Disney World. This will always be on my to do list, even when I'm there I'm thinking about the next time I can go back! Went to Disneyland Paris in June... Florida will have to wait until I'm 'fit to fly' : Went Oct 2015 for Halloween & back to Disneyland Paris in MArch 2016 for my 30th.
  • Road trip up the West Coast of America- LA, Hollywood, San Fran etc
  • Visit the Mayan Ruins in Mexico.
  • Do a safari in Africa.
  • Go to and help in a baby elephant sanctuary.
  • See the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)- Hiring a glass igloo to sleep under the stars and the amazing light show would be awesome!
  • Go on a Backstreet Boys Cruise: May 2016 saw the first ever European Backstreet Boys Cruise- Barcelona, Cannes & Florence visited, themed party every night... and very little sleep! Ready for the next now!!
Home Life:
  • Move house- to a freehold property, doesn't have to be big, but all what we want and need from a house with enough space/garden for a couple of furry friends... FINALLY moved end of May and loving our new housey :)
  • Get married... Got married June 9th 2014. Such a perfect day to marry my best friend. 
  • Own a husky type dog (or any other type of furry friend that Judy will accept) Got us a lovely greyhound called Bella. Both dogs are getting on, I think Judy is more tolerating than accepting atm. I know not a husky, but we are a 2 doggy household now :)
  • Get the Disney theme throughout the house!! - Bought a LOT of Disney house stuff on our honeymoon to Disneyland Paris. We've had a full Disney set dining table... and now all our Disney Art is up on the walls except in our bedroom as we're decorating there atm.
  • Improve my cooking skills and host a proper dinner party.
  • Bake and ice a proper cake. Made Glen a Sorcerer Mickey Hat birthday cake. Wasn't the greatest, but as only my second ever birthday cake made it went down very well!

Work life:
  • Get a job where I'm happy to go in and enjoy what I do: Got a permanent Finance job at the hospital and really enjoy my work.
  • Work as many hours as I want to without feeling too tired/poorly: Been working full time (flexi) since March 2015- although it can be tiring, it's nothing more than the ordinary person feels after a long day at work.
  • Volunteer for something more interesting and helpful to an aspect of community- animal based probably.
Other stuff:
  • Do charity events to raise money and awareness for CF and organ donation- Team Bearded Bodysnatchers completed the 30km Epping Forest Fright Hike on November 1st 2014!! It was a lot harder than expected, but my shineys did an amazing job and I think quite enjoyed their workout... more than I can say for my foot which is still the wrong colour and sore!
  • Go to a Formula One weekend.
  • Go to another Backstreet Boys concert- Done April 4th 2014- met and hugged them. Want to do it again now! Saw them in Chantry Park end of June as part of a boyband festival thing, but it's still NOT ENOUGH!
  • Watch a proper sunset, on a beach with a cocktail ... Watched a sunset in Antigua on the beach... no cocktail but still pretty!
  • Re-learn Canon in D on keyboard- both original and the 'rock' version. (Keyboard is set up ready) Started to relearn and got the beginning section. When I have time I plan on working on it more over the winter months!
  • Have a traditional picnic with blanket and hamper, cake & strawberries essential! :Bought the hamper... just hoping for the nice summer weather to make full use of it!
  • Go Zorbing.
  • Play Quazaar
  • Go ice-skating.
  • Go skiing / tobogganing
  • Join the Transplant Sport group and try to get into proper sports, maybe even compete at the games- Joined April 2014. Awaiting info on the sports available etc
  • Do some form of course- learn a new skill or get a new qualification etc- Done my level 2 AAT, and almost finished level 3. Hoping to go on to level 4 and then become a fully qualified accountant!!

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