Thursday, 19 September 2013

Research time!

So it's a horrid rainy day in Colchester and as the dog is curled up in her bed not moving, neither am I!! If it wasn't for the community nurse coming to change my button, then I probably wouldn't be out of bed either!!

Anyhoo, I've been doing a bit of research with regards to organising a charity event... combined with Glen's mum say she wanted to organise a live band evening I think we could be on to something to raise a nice amount for Papworth & the CF Trust. I'm not going to give too much away as we're still very much in the beginning phases of planning... mostly talking about what would be good to do etc, but I've started my main focus on the physical side of it being a triathlon.

My first thought earlier this summer was for me to do a basic sponsored swim... but as I've found I can do little more than 4 lengths a day without getting horrid headaches I've had to rethink a little. So the plan is to do a 'sprint distance' triathlon. This includes a swim, run/walk and cycle. I'm not sure if the swimming part I'll be able to do, but hope to improve my stamina to get those length totals up... I will also be doing the walking and cycling part in the gym so I don't have to physically carry my o2 the whole time (or battle the elements whilst doing it!) Glen however is planning to do the whole lot properly... well, the swimming would still be in our local pool, but then cycling from ours to his mums, (a couple of miles more than the sprint distance) and then running probably around Colchester.

I found out the distances needed to be completed and then figured out how many lengths in our pool it would be. Also been looking into the online charity sites to help collect funds to send directly. Took a little bit of searching to find one where I can have multiple charities from one event but I found it... All we need to do is decide on a date and then I can set up the page!

I suppose the next job is to get Glens bike sorted so he can start his training!! Oh and he apparently needs proper running shoes for it too! I guess it's shopping time!!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Busy week has now ended.... relax!

So, I had a busy few days last week and I took a much needed chillax weekend just gone to recover some energy!

The previous week I travelled to Cornwall to spend 4 days with my family down there. Long drive, but all went smoothly with no hold ups and Lots of Eddie Stobarts to count (23!). Due to the fact that I was driving, I couldn't catch all the names, but tried whenever possible... mum even came close to singing my Eddie song (yes I'm sad, but it kept me happy driving for 6 hours!) we even kept a count in multiple languages just to keep our travel worn brains ticking over!

We had a lovely few days visiting some different places and looking in nice shops. I randomly bought 3 different dragon related things for the house so I guess I know what theme I was subconsciously going for! Unfortunately one of the dragons had to be sent back due to a huge crack, hoping that they will exchange it as they said they would over the phone.... the reasonably priced ornament has now turned into quite a pricey one due to the postage to get it back down there :( Own silly fault for not checking it before we left!

Arrived back last Monday, in the house for no more than 2 hours then was out for Glen's birthday meal. Was a nice evening (complete with surprise cakey!) but I have to say I was relieved to get in bed as soon as I got home!

Couple of days at work, and doing little on my days off, then all set for an ELO tribute night to see out the week. Horrid cold, blustery and wet Friday evening mum and I head out to meet her friend. Return to the same pub we went to on Monday, have an ok quiche (no dessert as they were being good! I had to miss out on Black Forest Gateau) then headed to the venue to be met with blank staff faces and suddenly some one 'didn't you get a call?'... quite obviously we didn't get a call, or we wouldn't have braved the downpour to turn up for no reason! Duh. We got our ticket money back and spent a rocking hour in McDonald's having an ice-cream (they'd decided to blow the 'being good' mentality by then) So on my night out, I was home by half 9! Rock on!!

All of this busy-ness has helped to while away another 10 days of waiting to go in for my tx assessment, which is now less than a week away. Scary how quickly it's come around. This time next week I'll be on my way through the tests with day one done. I've bought a few things to keep me occupied in the evenings as I know how dull evenings can be with no visitors (I'll have people with me during the day for all the important talks so no doubt lots of alone time in the evenings!) If I'm honest, I think it is time to be thinking more in terms of being on the list, but it's still a lot to actually accept, whatever happens... I'm not physically going on the list until after my holiday, but if after all these tests they decide it is time, then I guess it will be from December I'll need to get me a site counter thing for on here... (and work out how to get it running!)

Anyhoo, dinner needs sorting, and nothing's getting done with me sat at the lappy! Today's pictures are the birthday boy with his cake!! (Action shots!)