Monday, 27 October 2014

Less than a week to my Fright Hike & I'm feeling not quite right

So for the first time since my transplant (just over 8 months) I had a proper coughing fit last night which ended with me coughing up several lumps of gunk. I know not the most pleasant thing to share... but I haven't had this for sooo long it wasn't very welcome!

I've been back to work 3 days a week for 2-3 weeks now and enjoy being back into a routine & having a use etc, but I do worry about the whole germ issue and how being in a large open plan office with so many people (most of whom don't really care about others and spreading their germs if they get a slight cold or anything). I've had a 'risk assessment' done for my part of the office, but other than being given lots of sani-wipes and hand gel/foam not a lot else came of it.

Since mid last week I've noticed a slight drop in my sharp blows, but so small a drop each day that it's not really noticeable until you look at it over a few weeks. My overall capacity is still ok and remaining around the same point it's been for months, which is good, but the fact that my sharp blows are down would point to wards some kind of restriction in my airways- i.e. most likely, an infection.

My throat is also not liking this sudden bout of coughing, it's had so long without the pressure etc it is really quite sore, like I've been swallowing lots of sharp, dried crisps or something... it feels all scratched up :( It's hard to imagine that these new shineys of mine (one day I might stop referring to them as 'new') don't know how to cough properly... my old lungs, although pretty useless, knew how to deal with a good coughing fit, and if I knew where I was getting the issue (strange concept, but I could feel exactly where the issue was in my old lungs and almost be able to clear from that section) I could get a good huff and cough behind it and clear it... I can feel that it's my top right where whatever is sticking, but these lungs just haven't got the 'cough power' to fully get behind the gunk and get rid of it. I was really surprised when I did finally get a few chunks up last night, and I do feel a little clearer now... but the past few days have generally got worse and more uncomfortable as the day progresses.

Anyhoo, I've called Pappy like a good girl (under orders from Mum & Glen) and got a GP appointment later this afternoon to have a general check over. Pappy are happy (lol, that rhymes!) with GP checking me over & listening to my chest etc and if it sounds like infection then they can communicate to sort out some anti-biotics.

I may well be over-reacting as it's the first time post transplant I haven't felt quite right and the first proper coughing fit in relation to my old cough-fests was nothing really worrying... but combined with tiredness, a slight reduction in my interest in food (I'm still eating but not with quite so much vigor as we're all used to now) and the gradual drop in my sharp blows, we all thought best to ask for advice.

I can't afford to let myself get proper poorly... this week ends with my 30km Fright Hike and I need to be well enough, and have the energy to complete that. I didn't do much walking/training over the weekend as figured a rest was more what  I needed. We probably should have managed more than a 9 mile walk as our longest training session, but we're kind of out of days now! Ho-hum, we'll just have to force ourselves through it so that every lovely person who has faith in us and sponsored us isn't let down! - If you feel like checking out our team page, and even more so if you want to sponsor us :)

Below is my 5 minutes of fame in the local paper about our hike & my story etc

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