Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The past few weeks

So recently things have settled down a bit and I am actually taking things a bit slower- much to the appreciation to those around me! I can't stand sitting about doing nothing (as I'm sure you're well aware by now!) so have still been trying to fill my days with things a little less hectic...

The dogs and I have been doing a lot of exploring of the local area, on lots of long walks... Judy loves this and looks like she just wants to keep going, whereas Bella often seems like she's about to drop on the spot... but within a few minutes of being home, she's up for more antics! We've explored all around the local barracks' grounds, and woods/parklands. Found some really lovely walks and even got Glen out a few times of a weekend which has been nice. These extending walks have been good practice for my sponsored event I've now signed up for (details below) and look to keep getting longer.

I'm raising money for Clarks Farm Greyhound Rescue and Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Charity by doing the Fright Hike through Epping Forest. Please sponsor me at www.virginmoneygiving.com/team/BeardedBodysnatchers

My mum, our friend and myself have signed up and want to raise money for the two charities mentioned- Papworth due to all the fab work they've done, not just for me, but for all the CFers under their care... I wouldn't be where I am now without them! I'd like to raise money to buy them some kind of fitness/gym equipment for the patients that can't go into the unit gym due to cross infection issues. I know when I've been an inpatient and felt up for doing some kind of exercise I've been really restricted as the equipment they have is in the unit- if you grow particular bugs, you can''t go in there :( We're also trying to raise money for a local retired racers rehoming kennel... it's where we got Bella from and think they could do with a little helping hand with winter fast approaching- maybe get them some new blankets or bedding etc. If you could spare, even a pound or two it will all be a help to get these 2 charities a little extra help :) *smiles sweetly*

I mentioned this a while ago, but am looking at doing a form of education course, I've pretty much decided on starting up a level one accounting course. Yes, it's going to cost me money, especially if I progress to the higher levels without it being part of a job, but it will get my brain (yes I do have one hiding somewhere in my head!) working again, will give me new skills and hopefully will give me motivation and the tools to look for a new kind of job which will stretch me and give me a bit of job satisfaction again. I go for an interview/assessment later this week to see if I can sign up to the local course, so fingers crossed!

A few clinics ago I asked for information on my donor... the first time of asking I got put off (is what it felt like anyway!) so the next time I went up there I made sure that whoever in the team I saw, I mentioned that I wanted to know at least a basic amount about my donor. By the end of that clinic I was taken aside by the nurse who had found out some information for me, but wanted to know what it was I wanted to find out (she only had restricted basic knowledge, and if I wanted more then she'd have to go and request it etc) It turned out she knew what I wanted to know so we could have our talk about it... mum obviously wanted to be a part of this conversation so she came in too. In a nutshell, my new shineys came from a lady in her 60s who died from something head related, and had no other concerning medical issues listed. We also (mum and I discussed this at great length after) kind of sussed that she was from the North... but as they tx team can't give details as to whereabouts donor organs have come from she couldn't say.... I'm glad I know that they came from a lady, as now we can think about getting a fitting tribute for the garden that is appropriate- I didn't want to get something really feminie if the lungs had come from a bloke for instance! Ultimately, I want to write a letter to her family (assuming she had a family of course!) and show them a picture of the tribute and let them know just what her gift has given to me.. but I don't feel quite there in terms of knowing what to say!

I've now finally been able to start swimming again as my steroid dose is below the level that the doctor said it should be... literally the days where I was reducing the dose I was paying close attention, and as soon as I had done my 7 days at the lower dose I was straight away asking Glen if he wanted to go swimming with me! We've been 3 times now to or local leisure pool to play in the wave area, been on the slides and in the rapids area... it is SO amazingly awesome to be able to swim, and play about... dive under water, do handstands and roly -polys etc all without a worry. I feel so FREE!! I can tell that Glen is worried about me most of the time, and any slight throat clear or splutter (I've never been any good at keeping water out my nose!) and he's there questioning if I'm ok... and surprisingly I'm fine :D my chest is feeling worked, but in a good way, there's no stupid choking or struggling to get air in... I don't have to take 10 minute rests on the side after swimming 1 measly width.... and most importantly I can swim wherever I feel like in the pool as I don't have to keep within 2 foot of the wall attached to someone carrying my oxygen along the side. Ultimate freedom and happiness :D

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